US imperialism continues to wage disinformation and psychological warfare in the Philippines to portray the US as their “friend, partner and ally”, and its many enemies and imperialist rivals such as China, as enemies of the Filipino people.

“The US imperialists want the Filipino people to consider China as their enemy and obscure the fact that US imperialism is the primary national oppressor of the Philippines,” the CPP said.

According to the CPP, this psywar campaign is being orchestrated and funded by the US State Department and Pentagon, in collaboration with officials and agents of the Marcos government, to foment anti-Chinese hysteria and Sinophobia among Filipinos and make Filipinos accept the presence and dominance of American troops in the country.

The CPP referred to the recent Reuters investigation which exposed a US Pentagon-funded campaign to spread misinformation and cast doubt on the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine Sinovac.

“Hundreds of social media accounts were used by the US to influence Filipinos to favor vaccines made by US companies such as Pfizer and Moderna. This willful campaign of misinformation endangered public health and the lives of Filipinos amid the pandemic,” stressed the CPP.

Ang Bayan, the CPP official publication, in its latest editorial, also stressed that this disinformation campaign was carried out by the US military in accordance with the “active combat” doctrine, that guides the US in its competition and conflict with its imperialist rivals, China and Russia. The US, it said, uses its military forces in “active combat” despite the absence of direct armed conflict in conjunction with economic pressure, as well as the active use of military force to counter the growing power and influence of its rivals.

The CPP called on the Filipino people to repudiate this US-orchestrated anti-Chinese hysteria and reject the scheme to stoke war and demand that diplomacy, legal action and negotiations be carried out more robustly in line with the 2016 arbitral ruling along the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Seas (UNCLOS). The CPP called for dismantling Chinese military facilities in the West Philippine Sea, the withdrawal of all US naval forces, as well as all US military bases in the Philippines.

In another statement, the CPP exposed and denounced former US air force colonel, Raymond M. Powell, as an active psywar operative, interventionist, warmonger and American agent-provocateur. The CPP said that Colonel Powell is funded and endorsed by the US military and has been playing an active role in the US “Indo-Pacific strategy,” that aims to contain China’s growth as an economic and military power.

According to the CPP, Powell heads the Myoushu and Sealight projects at Stanford University, which has been actively providing “information operations” support to the so-called “supply missions” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine Coast Guard.

“These naval and maritime operations challenge China’s “gray-zone tactics” and push it to its limits. This is part of the overall US military scheme to make China “own the starting pistol”, the CPP said.