Marikit Saturay, a young Filipino migrant, was returning to the Philippines last March 7, 2024 to join the celebrations of her grandmother’s 100th birthday..  When she arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport,  she was stopped,  questioned and then denied entry by Immigration officers.  She was questioned about her supposed involvement  in “anti-government” activities which is why she has been put on the Philippine immigration’s so-called “Black List Order.”

Marikit was detained in immigration for three nights without proper sleeping arrangements before being deported back to the Netherlands.  She was even denied access to legal services.

Two lawyers who went to see her were given the run around by immigration officials.

Marikit’s family left the Philippines in 2006 to join their father who had asked for political asylum in the Netherlands. She is a member of Migrante-Netherlands, is an accomplished singer and song writer, and, is well known in the hip-hop community in the Netherlands.

Her deportation is the second incident since December 2023, when Filipino-Swiss Edna Becher was detained and deported upon arrival in the Philippines.  Becher was also questioned on her involvement in so-called “anti-government” activities.

A statement issued by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan – Europe (BAYAN-Europe) on Marikit Saturay’s deportation, expressed the pattern of political repression of the current Marcos Jr. regime to criminalize dissent, which the organization argues “deserves the condemnation of the international community.”

The statement also stated that… “this campaign against Filipino migrant activists exposes the Marcos Jr. regime’s hypocrisy in milking  profits from OFW remittances while at the same time barring migrants from returning to their homeland.

The statement also notes that the unjust detention and deportation of Marikit “comes a few days  before Marcos Jr. arrives in Europe to sign maritime security agreements with Germany and the Czech Republic.”

“Marcos Jr. himself should be declared persona non-grata in Europe,” the statement added.