Protests met Marcos Jr. as he visited Germany last 12 March.

“It is wrong to welcome this Marcos junket, the main purpose of which is to deodorize the stinking image of Marcos and his family in the international community,” according to the BAYAN-Europe, which organized the protests together with Alpas Pilipinas, Gabriela-Germany and German solidarity organizations.

The Filipino and solidarity activists mounted a rally infront of the posh Ritz-Carlton Hotel where Marcos Jr. and his entourage stayed. Among the organizations that joined the rally were Solidarity International, ARARAT Armenian Collective, MLPD, German Filipino Friendship, Kurdish Women, Resbak, Philippinen Buro, Interburo. They carried posters and slogans, among them: stop the killings!, return the stolen wealth, justice for the martial law victims, stop violations of international laws, and called on human rights defenders in Germany and Europe to demand that the Marcos Jr. regime be held accountable for its gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL).

Solidarity organizations in Germany have been among the most committed supporters of the movement against the Marcos fascist dictatorship in the 70s and 80s.

Marcos Jr.’ visit  in Germany and the Czech Republic was also denounced by the NDFP International Office as a “display of warmongering disguised as diplomacy, and of political frivolity and extravagance”. It said that the visit, which solicited more military aid from Germany and Europe, further stokes tensions in the West Philippine Sea threatening Philippine territorial sovereignty, and enables more violations of international humanitarian laws by the Marcos Jr. regime.

Activists also called on the European Union to stop supporting the Marcos Jr regime by ending military aid. Germany and the EU are both signatories to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which supplies military aid, weapons and other military equipment to the Philippines.called on the Germany government and the European Union to stop military aid to the Philippines.

They reminded the EU about its strong condemnation of the war on drugs and human rights violations, and the  February 2022 EU Parliament issued a resolution to withdraw the Philippines’ GSP+ and other incentives, such as the benefit of zero tariff (no layer tax) on goods from the EU, if human rights violations did not stop. Germany is the largest trading partner of the Philippines in Europe.