“We expect heightened state terrorism and more violations of people’s rights as the US-Marcos regime unrolls its new security policy,” said Luis Jalandoni, Chief International Representative of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in a statement released last 18 August.

“The NSP is basically a ‘Christmas Wishlist’ of fascist dictators and peace saboteurs,” he added.

Jalandoni’s remark was made in response to the Marcos regime’s National Security Policy (NSP 2023-2028) published last 10 August through the two-page Executive Order No. 37. He criticized the NSP’s claim that “the Peace process will always be preferred over war” and that it commits the GRP to “observe civil and human rights, and the international humanitarian law (IHL).”

“The NDFP remains open to the possibility of resuming the peace negotiations with the GRP. But from their relentless violations of IHL in the form of aerial bombings and indiscriminate attacks against communities to the complete disregard of landmark agreements made during the GRP-NDF peace negotiations…the US-Marcos regime’s anti-peace character thus far betrays its own pronouncements,” Jalandoni said.

In a separate article published in Ang Bayan, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) said: “Through the NSP, Marcos makes false claims of defending the country’s territory when it cedes vast tracts of Philippine land to US military control.”

“The US-Marcos regime claims that it will ‘soon crush’ the revolutionary armed struggle being waged by the New People’s Army, punctuated by bold declarations that there remains ‘only one guerilla front,’ even if it daily releases news of armed encounters in different parts of the country,” the CPP added.

“Try as it may, the US-Marcos fascist regime is unequipped to defeat the world’s longest-running armed revolution. Like his predecessors, Marcos Jr. will inevitably fail in his attempts to crush the revolutionary movement of the Filipino people,” concluded Jalandoni.