On February 24, 2023, the world marked one year since the start of the war in Ukraine. Demonstrations around the world condemned “US imperialists” and its NATO allies for continuing to pour weapons and military equipment to Ukraine effectively prolonging the conflict.

In a statement issued Feb 24, 2023, the Communist Party of the Philippines stated, “Peaceful dialogue should be carried out in order to resolve the war in Ukraine consistent with the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for peace, freedom and democracy, as well as the aspiration of the Russian-speaking population of the Donbass region for their right to secession and national self-determination.”

The statement also said, that … “While the broad masses of working people in Ukraine suffer, the monopoly capitalists, especially the arms manufacturers and financial speculators continue to pocket huge amounts of profits.” The CPP then referred to big corporations who are profiting through market speculation in key commodities such as oil and grain.

“Disruptions in fuel supplies to Europe caused by US sanctions against Russian natural gas caused widespread suffering to people during winter,” the CPP added.

The war has resulted in thousands of deaths on both sides of the conflict. Civilian infrastructure has been bombed resulting in widespread destruction and hardships.  Millions of Ukrainians have been driven away from their homes and have sought refuge in many European countries.  

The statement also notes that “Even as the US pours billions of dollars into the war in Ukraine, it is busy increasing its military presence in Japan, South Korea, the Philippines and other Asian countries, as part of its preparations of the theater of war against China.”

The CPP statement also calls on the Filipino people to “stand firmly to defend its national sovereignty and pursue an independent and peace-loving foreign policy. They must militantly oppose attempts by imperialist powers to use the Philippines as part of their wars. They must carry forward their demand for the withdrawal of all foreign troops, nuclear-powered warships carrying nuclear weapons, missiles, and other military equipment in the country. They must amplify their call for the dismantling of all foreign military facilities, which invariably serve as magnets for attacks. “