Of cornered beasts and paper tigers

Volume IV, Number 7. 15 April 2022.

Less than a month remains before the 9 May elections. Less than a month remains for the Duterte ruling clique to ensure that the successor regime will not hunt them down for their atrocious crimes against the Filipino people.

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War and Peace

Volume IV, Number 6. 31 March 2022.

The ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine affords us a front seat view of the ravages of war. Intensive and up-to-the-minute video footages, photos and field reporting of the conflict are broadcasted to every news media outlet around the world. We see up close the destruction, economic ruin, death, horrific injuries and the displacement of entire populations. Simultaneous to these, calls for ending the war reverberate, with hopes that peace will soon be restored.

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A Woman’s Place

Volume IV, Number 5. 15 March 2022.

One hundred and eleven years ago, on 19 March 1911, women from Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland marched on the streets to celebrate the first International Working Women's Day. A year before that, during the Second International Conference of Working Women held in Copenhagen, Clara Zetkin, the leader of the Women's Office for the Social Democratic Party of Germany proposed that every year, in every country, Women’s Day should be celebrated as an occasion to press for the aspirations of women all over the world, marking the fight against poverty, illness, exploitation and imperialist wars.

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Recipe for people’s uprising and social revolution

Volume IV, Number 4. 28 February 2022.

Philippine revolutionary forces joined the Filipino people and the rest of the world on 25 February in commemorating the 36th anniversary of the Filipino people’s uprising which toppled the US-Marcos fascist dictatorship in 1986. We remember all the martyrs and heroes who paid the ultimate sacrifice in waging various forms of struggle, even during the darkest nights of Marcos’ tyrannical rule. Their valiant resistance culminated in the 1986 people’s uprising and resulted in broader freedoms for expression, organizing and mobilization.

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Bloody forecast for the May 2022 elections

Volume IV, Number 3. 15 February 2022.

The race is on! The campaign period for the 9 May national elections kicked off on 8 February to gaudy and flamboyant proclamation rallies. President Rodrigo Duterte is illegible for reelection, under Philippine laws, but the entire election campaign is focused on the tyrant nonetheless. Vying to rule the Manila government are Duterte proxies, Duterte aspirants and those who, for the time being, vow to reverse the tyrant’s traitorous, murderous and larcenous legacy.

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